Summer 2023 Pitches Open

We are looking for a creative person with a clear vision to direct our next outdoor show in summer 2023. If you feel you have the qualities needed to create a direct an outdoor summer show, then we want to hear from you.

OTG has been making acclaimed outdoor theatre in Oxford college gardens, parks and playing fields for over 60 years. From Shakespeare to Chaucer and Jane Austen to Robert Louis Stevenson, we’ve entertained thousands of residents and visitors to our city.

Following on from a successful, sell-out run of The Tempest, we are keen to  hear about your creative vision for our next garden show. We can offer a wealth of support and expertise, as well as practical assistance to the director.

Here's what a previous director has to say about our summer shows...

  • Put on a classic or family friendly show in gorgeous garden settings 
  • Directors have a say in location and vision for the setting / environment where their show will be  performed - create a real ‘atmosphere’ ‘site specific’ show. 
  • It's an annual theatre event with built in help with publicity and production support 
  • It's ideal for a director who would like to gain more experience on larger scale ambitious productions with talented pool of auditionees /cast.

If you are interested or would like to talk more about ideas please feel free to get in touch with the Chair.

The deadline for pitches has been extended to Wednesday 30 November at 6pm.

You can find full details by downloading the Summer 20233 Pitch Process document below. We look forward to hearing from you!


The timetable for applications is as follows:

1st October – Applications open

We welcome any preliminary indications of an intention to pitch (to at an early stage.

30th November – Deadline for pitch documents to be sent to

For more details of what to include in your pitch, please see the attached notes. Please note that unfortunately we cannot guarantee to consider any late applications owing to the short timescales.

Your name and the title of plays(s) you are pitching will be circulated to all members. We also ask that you provide a 250 word summary of your pitch that can be circulated to members.

Second week of December – Interviews

Interviews will be held with the committee online, or in central Oxford, in the evening.

If you have any questions about the process, outdoor productions, or would like help in putting together a pitch, please get in touch with the Guild Secretary ( and we will be happy to talk to you about it.

Please note

In the event of there being fewer than two candidates submitting a pitch, the pitch process will be automatically reopened for an additional TWO weeks.

The committee reserves the right to create a shortlist of candidates to be invited to the interview stage.

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