About Us

Who Are We?

The Oxford Theatre Guild (The OTG), is one of Oxfordshire's largest and longest-established amateur theatre companies.

We put on four shows a year at venues across Oxford, including the Oxford Playhouse, the Old Fire Station, outdoor venues such as the Oxford Castle and the lovely gardens of Trinity College, and more. We stage everything from theatrical classics (done traditonally or given a radical modern twist!) to contemporary drama, and our productions have included playwrights from Shakespeare to American greats Tennessee Williams and Arthur Miller, works in translation from Frederico Garcia Lorca and Nikolai Gogol, adaptations of Jane Austen, devised pieces, and many others. We also get involved in local drama festivals, host workshops and organise play readings and other social opportunities for our members.

''Can I join?''

Absolutely! Our auditions are completely open - all are welcome!  There are also plenty of opportunities to get involved in our busy backstage teams - from directing to working on lighting and sound, to costume design. Click the 'Get Involved' button below for more info.

​​The Oxford Theatre Guild is Oxfordshire's largest and longest-established amateur theatre company. 

Our mission: To promote the advancement and improvement of general education in relation to all aspects of the art of drama and the development of public appreciation of such art.

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Constitution & Policies

If you'd like to find out how the Oxford Theatre Guild operates a bit more in depth, simply click on the buttons provided to the right. Here, you can download our formal constitution, and keep up to date on our latest policies in real-time as they're decided upon by the committee.


OTG's statement of values

  • The Oxford Theatre Guild (The OTG) is a charity registered in England and Wales and is run wholly by volunteers to promote the advancement of the art of drama. We believe that all The OTG’s members and volunteers have the right to be healthy, happy, safe, valued and respected. The OTG collectively strive for best practice in health and safety and an environment free from bullying, harassment or discrimination.

  • The OTG’s committee will work pro-actively to prevent or tackle anything that contravenes our values. Any actions, speech or behaviour in breach of these values should be brought to the attention of the committee.


As of September 2022, Oxford Theatre Guild has begun a year-long partnership with Editors for Impact to assist us with our visual content creation and marketing.