Oxford Theatre Guild is committed to processing personal data responsibly. This provides some general information about how we process certain types of personal data, with links for further information and contact.

The information on this page was last updated on 6th September 2020. Various updates relating to audition signups and COVID-19 related measures were added.

How we process your data...

...a a member

Oxford Theatre Guild stores some or all of the following information about its members:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Interests relating to involvement with productions
  • Interests relating to involvement with productions
  • Membership status, renewal dates, levels
  • Relationships to other individuals where family memberships are taken up
  • Mailing preferences
  • Date of birth (for under 18s)
  • Financial records about contributions/memberships

This information is used:

  • to send out weekly emails (“Prompt”) and official charity correspondence
  • to manage membership subscriptions and renewals
  • to identify suitable candidates for production roles (information about individuals may be shared with relevant production team members)
  • for effective management of our Child Protection policy
  • In relation to NHS Track and Trace (see below)

Information about members is kept until 18 months after that members’ subscription lapses. At that time, address data is removed.

Additionally, if a member chooses to pay by Direct Debit or, our payment processors GoCardless or Stripe will process their bank account details on our behalf.

OTG processes these data on the basis of the performance of a contract between OTG and the member, to fulfil legal obligations (child protection), and on the basis of a legitimate interest (old members).

... as an auditionee

Contact information and biographical information about an individual is collected through an auditionees form, and sometimes a separate audition signup process using Eventbrite or a similar system. This information is collected on the basis of a legitimate interest and legal obligations (child protection).

Information collected via the audition sign-up process

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Preferences for audition times

Information collected directly through a form:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Date of birth (if under 18)
  • Stage experience
  • Parts interested in

Information collected by the director during auditions

  • Notes about suitability for a part

Data will be retained as follows

  • Information related to non-successful applicants, and audition notes for all applicants, will be retained until the end of the production process
  • Contact details for successful applicants will be used for membership administration purposes and retained for the duration of the membership

The paper forms and any notes taken during auditions are to be retained by directors to support the audition process. They may optionally be transcribed into electronic format and shared with the committee and senior production staff only as required for the purpose of managing the casting process. Audition forms, notes and electronic copies thereof should be destroyed at the end of the production.

These data are processed on the basis of legitimate interest.

Electronic signups and audition forms, where used, will be accessible only to those with a specific need to use them to administer the auditions, including directors, production managers, and committee liaisons (and NHS Track and Trace; see below).

Additionally, auditionees are invited to complete a survey, including to consent to further email communications about productions. This form includes

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Production roles interested in

This information could also be received via website contacts or referrals from other OTG members or contacts. Where this happens, a record of explicit consent shall be recorded.

These are to be stored by committee members, and passed to senior production on an as needed basis. They are processed on the basis of consent.

... as a cast or crew member

Contact details of cast and crew are processed by the senior production team to enable the management of rehearsals and production week. These details should be deleted at the end of the production. In addition, email addresses will be added to group email addresses for shared communication. These group email addresses should be deleted by the end of May in the year following the production. This enables the committee and others to communicate with the production teams about follow-up matters such as annual review contributions.

Cast and crew lists (including extra information such as availability information, costume measurements) might also be shared with others with an official role in a production where that use is required for the production. When this happens, the receiver should be informed that these data should only be used for the specified purpose, and only necessary subsets of data used.

In addition, names, production roles and biographical information (as supplied by the individual) will be displayed publicly on the website and in programmes.
These data are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest.

Data about expense claims processing is handled by the committee members, and senior production staff. The following data is collected as part of the process:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Details of purchases
  • Bank details (only by the Treasurer and authorized deputies if BACS payment is requested)

These data are processed on the basis of a legitimate interest (see separate LIA) and, once paid, under a legal obligation basis (need to keep accountancy records as required by the Charities Commission). They are deleted/destroyed once they are no longer needed for accountancy purposes.

OTG uses photography in the course of promoting shows and other activities both internally and externally, and for archival purposes.

Where photographs are taken of actors in production rehearsals or performances on behalf of OTG involving adults, or as part of headshots or a dedicated promotional photoshoot, this collection is done under the basis of a legitimate interest.

In all other cases where photographs are taken on behalf of OTG (such as backstage photographs) and for under 18s, consent is required (and photographers should be made aware of cases where they are likely to photograph those for which consent is not available).

In cases where consent has been collected, this should be filed by the production manager and details passed to the committee afterwards.

When photography happens in a rehearsal room or in any situation where it might not be apparent (such as during closed rehearsals in a theatre) cast should be made aware of the photographers’ presence.

.... in other ways

When we have collected basic contact information about people who have attended events managed by OTG, we may additionally need to pass these onto NHS Trace and Trace, or other relevant people such as venue managers, in accordance with applicable government guidelines.

We will sometimes process personal data in ways not listed above. If we do this, we will provide notice separately in a timely fashion, unless it would require a disproportionate amount of effort for us to do so.

General notes

Personal data managed by OTG is held on password protected computers and/or online systems, and only handled by nominated individuals (trustees, or senior production team members) on a need to know basis. Data is kept only for as long as needed or legally required (for example, addresses are removed from our membership database when we no longer anticipate needing to write to an old member; but details about expense claims are kept according to charity rules on accountancy.

Personal data may be transferred outside the EEA where suitable contractual safeguards are in place.

The following organisations process data on our behalf:

  • Mailchimp
  • Google
  • Gocardless
  • Mythic Beasts
  • Stripe
  • Eventbrite

Your rights

As an individual whose personal data we are processing, you have various rights, including the right to object to processing, or to withdraw consent. You also have the right to have data we hold about you corrected if it is inaccurate. You can read more about your rights at the ICO website.

To exercise any of your rights relating to our use of your personal data, please email us at

More information

You can read more about our policies in the following documents (extracts of which appear on this page):