Audition Policy

How do we ensure fairness at Auditions?

Fairness will be ensured by the presence of an Oxford Theatre Guild committee member at all auditions. Ideally this will be the same person at all auditions. Complaints about any aspects of auditions or the casting process should, in the first instance, be addressed to the committee member present at the audition. Complaints may also be addressed to the Chair of the OTG. The identity of the committee members will be made clear to all those auditioning, and contact details made available.

Timeframe for casting

Notification of casting/rejection should be made by telephone, email or post as soon as possible after the final recall audition. Circumstances permitting, this period should be no longer than 7 working days, but this may vary.

Membership requirements

Those cast must join the Guild and payment must be made within one week of the commencement of rehearsals. Oxford Theatre Guild reserves the right to recast a part if a member behaves in a manner that is detrimental to the production.

Disruption from an Auditionee

In the event of any auditionee being a disruptive influence during an audition session, the Committee Representative, in consultation with the director, has the right to ask the auditionee in question to moderate their behaviour. Should further disruption follow, the Committee Representative has the right to ask that auditionee to leave the session.

Attending Multiple Auditions

If an auditionee would like to attend an additional session, they must approach the Director with their request. The Director has the discretion as to whether to permit that person to attend again.

The Committee Representative should check with the Director at the start of an audition if any of those present in the room has attended a previous audition for this production. If there are such people present, they may, at the discretion of the Director and Committee Representative, be asked to leave.


Good luck to all auditionees!