Merchant of Venice

Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare

9th-2oth July

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Love. Rebellious children. Money and greed. Racial tensions. The Merchant of Venice is a play for our age.

Portia has a problem: before she can marry, her father’s will sets a near-impossible challenge for her suitors.

In nearby Venice, Bassanio borrows money from the merchant Antonio in order to woo Portia. Short of funds while his ships are at sea, Antonio turns to his old rival, Shylock, to raise the capital.

Shylock agrees on condition that if Antonio does not pay it back, he may cut a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Not taking him seriously, Antonio agrees When a storm wrecks Antonio’s ships, Shylock demands payment.

Packed with poetry and expressions that are now part of our everyday language, this dynamic two-hour version is set against the backdrop of Oxford University Parks, and is not to be missed.

Cast list

Antonio - Matt Blurton
Bassanio - Jonny Dagnell
Duke of Venice - Gavin Gaughan
Gratiano - Imran Mirza
Jessica - Sara-Jane Lee
Launcelot - Frances Murray
Lorenzo - James McDougall
Nerissa - Moya Hughes
Old Gobbo - Gavin Gaughan
Portia - Kelly Ann Stewart
Prince of Morocco - Richard Readshaw
Salarino - Paul Jaszynski
Shylock - Joseph Kenneway