Handbagged – Offstage Roles

The ‘Offstage Team’


I am seeking, urgently, imaginative people to work on this unusual and entertaining piece. Its success will depend heavily on this ‘technical’ input and my aim will be to work collaboratively with all departments. Some initial thoughts:

Production Design: Of course images for posters, programme and flyers will present an opportunity. The space at the Wesley Memorial being what it is, it would perhaps seem wasteful not to take advantage of the splendid panelled backdrop and the levels already present. We should probably have to do either rather little or quite a lot – and the former is favourite. But a designer might well spot opportunities which I have missed and propose welcome, perhaps small-scale improvements. There are two splendid chairs which we ought to incorporate one feels. And where should the News Panel’ go? Talking of which:

Graphic design:The play is episodic, featuring 9 scenes before, and 6 after, the Interval. The plan is to deploy a News Panel for the titles of these scenes.  Likewise that there should be slides projected probably onto the venue’s own screen, and these will need to be chosen and sourced to accord with the text.  

Lighting: The lighting design will need to accommodate the News Panel and projection screen. And there may well be chances to fix or freeze characters in spotlights at certain moments, such as the opening soliloquy or a stylised dance movement.... 

Sound:Brief snatches of music, and also appropriate sounds, will one hopes help create a constant movement between the episodes. Among the desirable sounds are two recordings of bombs and several of variously-motivated crowds.  But we shall need to keep all these elements short, so that they help the actors between scenes rather than holding the play up.

I should be most pleased indeed to meet people interested in the above as well as Stage Managers and costumiers (we already have a musician) to explore these ideas. Do please be in touch!

Director Chris Harris cdharrisox10@gmail.com