Saturday Afternoon Drama – The Vampire

The Vampire by J R Planche

Date: 31st October 2020


Cast and Crew

Director – Simon Tavener

Technical Production – Will Penington


Lord Ruthven – an ancient vampire - Matt Blurton

Lady Margaret – daughter of Lord Ronald and Lord Ruthven's intended - Alison Stibbe

Lord Ronald – father of Margaret, and best friends with Lord Ruthven - Richard Readshaw

Unda - the spirit of the sea - James Ferriman

Ariel – the spirit of the air - Ruth Walker

Robert – friend with Ronald - Josh Wedge

Effie – Robert's intended, a noblewoman - Ellen Publicover

Andrew – Effie's father - Alan Bailey

Bridget – Lady Margaret's servant and confidante - Carolyn Taylor

McSwill – Lord Robert's Servant - Gavin Gaughan

Narrator - a sinister and shadowy presence throughout the play - Neelaksh Sadhoo