Extra actress needed for Mary Stuart at the Playhouse

We are seeking an additional female actor (20s-30s) to play a movement/drama (non-speaking) based role in our production of ‘Mary Stuart’ (Oxford Playhouse, 10th-14th March 2015, including a  Saturday matinee) – an extraordinary retelling of a central moment in British history.

Within the play the director is creating two roles – Imagined Mary  and Imagined Elizabeth.  The context of the roles is that each of the queens is obsessed with the other, and talks about the other queen a great deal. Yet neither queen has seen the other.

The ‘imagined queens’ will appear when they are being talked about – so imagined Mary appears when Elizabeth talks about Mary, and Imagined Elizabeth appears when Mary talks about Elizabeth.

The imagined queen roles are movement/drama based, without lines. We have done some work to start creating these roles, and a couple of
early rehearsals, but sadly the actor playing Imagined Elizabeth has had to withdraw from the production.

Rehearsals are on Tuesdays, Thurdays and Sundays in Summertown, Oxford from now until the production week. There would be some flexibility in which rehearsals you would be required to attend.

If you would be interested in this part please email the director, Hedda Bird as soon as possible to arrange a meeting during rehearsals.

You can see more information about the production at the production page. Please note that you will need to be a current member of OTG (£10/year subscription with concessions) to perform.

14th January 2015