Gormenghast – Auditions


by Mervyn Peake, adapted by John Constable

directed by Jordan Bische

About the Production

Within the unchanging walls of Gormenghast Castle, rebellion is stirring...

Young Earl, Titus Groan, seems hell-bent on disavowing his birthright, while cut-throat kitchen boy, Steerpike, is mercilessly - and murderously - plotting his way to power.

From eternally loyal butler, Flay, to indomitable countess Gertrude, to dim-witted sisters, Cora and Clarice, all of Gormenghast's residents have their parts to play in Titus' - or will it be Steerpike's? - undoing.

Rest assured, as the castle floods and the owls descend, all things must return to Gormenghast eventually...

Gormenghast is a coming-of-age tale like no other, peopled by grotesques, and bristling with speeches - and knives - that aim straight for the heart. 

The script contains impossibilities: fires, floods, and an invasion of owls. Gormenghast presents many unique offerings and challenges for both cast and crew. One must be undaunted and fearless to tackle its weight!

Let this be a calling to all those who dare. A Master of Rituals is needed, a Count, a Countess, and a wayward Earl. Gormenghast, the owls, and the floodwaters, call. 

Important Dates

First Round Auditions:

Recall Audition (by invitation only)



There will be two rounds of auditions. First round auditions will involve auditionees choosing a monologue from the play to perform for and work on with the director.

See audition pieces here – download or print off. No need to learn a piece.

Please choose a date you wish to audition and select the button below to complete the audition form (opens in a new window).

Second round recall auditions, by invitation, will involve working on scenes from the play in groups, and an opportunity to audition for a range of characters.


There are eleven roles to fill in the play – we are looking for a diverse cast from all backgrounds.

Specifically female presenting and male presenting characters will be marked with F or M. For unmarked characters, all presentations will be considered.

Some characters are marked with a playing age. The same rules apply.

Titus (M 18-25) - The young Earl of Gormenghast, who grows up to resent the unchanging world of ritual and stability.

Steerpike (M 18-30) - The upstart kitchen boy, aiming to become the real power in Gormenghast castle, no matter the cost.

Sepulchrave (M 30+) - Titus' father, and the reigning Earl of Groan. A feeble remnant of a once great mind, chained by tradition.

Gertrude (F 30+) - Countess of Groan and Titus' mother. Formidable and unyielding, a staunch defender of Titus, Gormenghast, and her retinue of snow-white cats.

Fuschia (F 18-25) - Titus' sister. Perennially ignored. Both too childish and too grown up for the grey world of Gormenghast.

Barquentine (30+) - The imposing Master of Rituals - the true power that keeps the wheels of Gormenghast turning.

Flay - The Groan family butler, ostracised from the castle, due to an unforgivable fit of rage.

Prunesquallor - The Groan family doctor, hiding his razor-sharp mind behind a mild-mannered, inoffensive persona.

Swelter - Head chef of Gormenghast. Bad tempered, proud, and violent to a fault.

Cora and Clarice (Both F 30+) - Sepulchrave's twin sisters, forgotten members of the Groan family, and ripe targets for Steerpike's machinations.