Saturday Afternoon Drama – The Recruiting Officer

The Recruiting Officer by George Farquhar 

Date: 1st August 2020


The play was a huge success when it was first performed at Drury Lane Theatre, London, with the acclaimed actor Edmund Keen in the role of Justice Balance. The Recruiting Officer went on to be the most performed play after Hamlet in 18 th century England and was the first play to be performed in the new penal colony of Australia, as well as the first commercial play to be performed in America.

Cast and Crew

Director Ruth Readshaw

Technical Production Will Penington

Sound Jeannie Harrison


Captain Plume - Craig Finlay

Captain Brazen – Josh Wedge

Sergeant Kite – Lizzie McHale

Mr Worthy – Tim Eyres

Justice Balance – Angus Fraser

Melinda – Gloria Wright

Silvia – Charlie Morgan

Lucy – Ellen Publicover

Rose – Carolyn Taylor

Bullock – Matt Blurton

Justice Scale and Thomas Appletree – David Guthrie

Justice Scruple and Costar Pearmain – Richard Readshaw

Constable Brightwell – Alex Brinkman-Young

Steward, Wife, Servants – Anna Clark

The Prologue, Servants - James Marsden