Autumn 2020 Auditions

Oxford Theatre Guild is planning a return to the world of live theatre this autumn, and are pleased to open casting for a double bill of one act plays to be performed at the Old Fire Station, Oxford in November.

We are working with the venues involve to ensure that everything is as safe as it can be for the cast and audience, and of course, within prevailing Government guidelines. Regrettably, this means that we will be unable to audition anyone who is classed as clinically extremely vulnerable.

Rehearsals will start as online meetings (using tools such as Google Meet or Zoom) and actors will need to be prepared to be off-book by the time in-person rehearsals start in early-mid October. We ask that all successful cast members are members of Oxford Theatre Guild (annual subscription of £10 or £5 concessions).

Please read on for full details of both projects, how we plan to run auditions, and how to sign up for an individual audition slot.

Important Dates

Important note: in order to keep everyone safe you will need to sign-up for an audition slot in advance.

It's True, It's True, It's True auditions

  • Sunday 13 September - 4pm to 6pm - 10 minute slots
  • Tuesday 15 September - 7.30pm to 9.30pm -10 minute slots
  • Sign up here

Baggage auditions

  • Sunday 13 September - 11am to 1pm -  15 minute slots
  • Monday 14 September - 7.30pm to 9.30pm - 15 minute slots
  • Sign up here

Performance dates:

Get-in/dress rehearsals: Monday 2nd November.

Performances daily 3rd-7th November. Times TBC.


by Bev Clark

Directed by Louise Taney


Baggage by Bev Clark is a short play about two women meeting at a bus stop in early December from different backgrounds  - or so they think.

One is a middle class mother with a demanding family, and the other a homeless woman with a tragic past. They form an unlikely friendship, and through laughter and tears, find hope for the future.

Throughout this thoughtful play, the audience gets an insight into the women's lives and are able to see that they’re not so different after all.


Sandra Winsford – 50s, a busy wife and mother

Annie Lomax – 50-60s, a bag-lady, speaks with an Irish accent (not absolutely necessary)


For the audition, auditionees will be asked to familiarise themselves with (not learn)  two speeches so they can give a character reading. Also, it would be good if they are able to have a think about the background of the two characters.

Please download the audition text to bring with you.

Baggage Audition Text

It’s True, It’s True, It’s True

By Breach Theatre

Directed by Alexandra Coke


This gripping dramatisation of a 1612 rape trial brought by the gifted painter Artemisia Gentileschi roars down the ages centuries after it shocked renaissance Rome.

When Agostino Tassi, the pope’s favourite artist, was accused of raping 15-year-old Gentileschi, the ensuing seven-month case was widely publicised. It’s True, It’s True, It’s True interweaves jaw-dropping court transcripts with history, myth, contemporary insight and moments of satire to ask: how much has really changed?

Filled with ire and using modern language, the devised show shines a spotlight on a remarkable woman who went on to triumph through her art.


We are looking for three actors who identify as female or non-binary. Each actor will have one primary role, and a number of secondary roles which will be swapped between them.

There are no age guidelines for these roles. Actors of any age will be considered.

Artemisia Gentileschi - fierce, angry, incredibly clever. A painter who is defending herself in court at her own rape trial.

Agostino Tassi - confident, cold and entitled. A painter beloved by many in high society, who has been arrested many times but never held accountable for his crimes.

Donna Tuzia - sly, snobbish, easily-led. A neighbour who purported to be looking after Artemisia but found herself charmed by Tassi.

Secondary roles to be divided between the three actors include the judge, Tassi’s friends, some midwives, and characters from Artemisia’s paintings.


Please download the audition text to bring with you.

It's True, It's True, It's True audition monologues


This is a passionate, angry play. It’s remarkable how little has changed since the 1600s - the comments and lines of attack on Artemisia (that she was asking for it) and defence of Tassi (that he has a bright future ahead of him) are exactly the same as those used in cases today.

But it’s not all dark. There are moments of humour, and the ending is an uplifting one - Artemisia had a long, rich life after this court case was won. We are not always defined by our bad experiences.

This is a great chance for three performers to do a courtroom drama they can really get their teeth into.


Artemisia owns her narrative, and there is nothing titillating or gratuitous in this play. It is, however, still an updated transcript of a rape trial in which acts of sexual violence are described. If this is triggering for you, please assess the impact of working on this play for two months before auditioning.

The Audition Process

Baggage auditions will be held in the Long Room at the Friends Meeting House at 43 St Giles Road (It's True, It's True, It's True auditions will be held online; please check your email). Individual signups are required; please see the links below.

All OTG auditions are run according to the the OTG COVID-19 safe practices and OTG audition policy.

In brief:

  • Auditionees will need to pre-book a slot.
  • Auditionees will need to confirm on the day of the audition that they are COVID symptom-free.
  • Only 3 people will be inside the audition venue at a time: the auditionee, the director and the committee liaison, who will be available to read lines. Appropriate social distancing measures of at least 2 metres will be in place. Hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Another committee member will be outside the venue to manage the time slots.

What if I can’t make those dates and times?

If you are interested in auditioning, but are unable to come to any of the given dates, please contact Production Manager Tim Eyres and he will try to arrange a virtual audition.

I have another query!

If you have any questions about the production or audition, process, please contact Tim Eyres in the first instance and he will be able to direct your enquiry appropriately.

If you have any technical problems with the sign-up process, please contact Dominic Hargreaves.

Map to the Friends Meeting House