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Turing Male, Playing age 30-40, but must be able to portray a sixth former in one scene. Turing has a background in mathematics, but has made major academic advances in the new field of computing. He is a genius, but very naive and in some ways childish. He is passionate about his wartime work in cryptography, and has little time for social conventions. The actor playing Turing will be on stage for most of the play.

Ron Male, Playing age 20-55. Turing's casual boyfriend, he has been in trouble with the police on several occasions. Ron is happy to muddle through life, having no time for any culture or learning. He is not interested in anything but short term gain, and will happily thieve from anyone.

Pat Female, Playing age 25-35. A woman working at Bletchley Park on the same codes as Turing. Her technical brilliance has allowed her to punch through the glass ceilings of the time. Like Turing she is immensely intelligent and dedicated to her war time work. She is capable of great passion, and sees Turing as a soul mate.

Sara Female, Playing age 50-70. Turing's mother, she shows enormous love for her son, even when he rejects all the social conventions that are so important to her. Sticks with Turing even to the end.

Knox Male, Playing age 50-65. Turing's manager at Bletchley Park. Aware that Turing is indispensable to the war effort and also aware that his private life may cause problems. Carefully acts as a very personal mentor to Turing, helping him as gently as possible to behave with at least some discretion.

Smith Male, Playing age 40-65. An authority figure from the civil service. Gives advice to Turing on his personal life, and also acts as the face of governmental concern over Turing.

Ross Male, Playing age 30-50. A policeman who becomes involved in the investigation into Turing's private life. Dedicated to upholding the law, he represents one side of the law in the 1950s. He is more than just an authority figure, he establishes a firm rapport with Turing despite their differences.

Christopher. Alan's firm friend from schooldays, similar to Turing in many ways but more worldly and aware of society.

Nikos. A casual boyfriend for Turing in Greece.

I am looking to double the parts for Christopher and Nikos, so looking for a male actor with a playing age of late teenager/early twenties. There may be scope for cross-casting a couple of the roles – depending on the strength of the candidates at the auditions – so I would encourage as many people as possible to come forward and give it a go.

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