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Our auditions are open to all – however this production does not call for any young characters so we will not be casting anyone who is younger than 16 years of age (by 1st January 2012). If cast you will be expected to join the Guild (for a very modest fee) – see details here.

You can attend more than one audition. The Director might ask some actors to a call back audition, by invitation only. Some parts may be cast after only one audition and getting a call back is not an indication a part will be given.

You can audition for just one named part, or several. You will be asked to read 2–3 times, with others. We will also be looking for understudies for the production.

Download the audition form and bring in a copy filled in with your details (blank forms will be provided on the night). Guild committee members will be at auditions to greet you, answer any questions, and take feedback on the audition process. We will take your photo too, purely to help the Director – he will have to remember a lot of new faces

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