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A modern reworking of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
Devised by the company and directed by
Alice Evans and Sam Knipe

Tuesday 8 to Saturday 12 December
7.30pm, Saturday Matinee 2.30pm

Book on line
OFS Studio Box Office - 0844 844 0662
10am-6pm Mon-Saturday, closed Sundays
Ticketmaster - 0844 847 2360 (Open 24hrs a day, subject to booking/transaction fees)

OFS Studio, 40 George Street,
Oxford OX1 2AQ

One humdrum summer afternoon, the bright and inquisitive Alice follows a rabbit down a hole and enters a bizarre fantasy world. With a magical mix of characters and a weird and wonderful backdrop, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland appears to be just that.

Yet its appeal endures as more than just an enchanting tale. Using a hazy mix of riddle and satire, humour and angst, Lewis Carroll creates faces and places that represent the many challenges and mysteries we all have to confront as we cast off our youthful innocence.

Exploring the hidden themes to Lewis Carroll’s ageless tale, this enticing performance sees our beloved Alice shine a light through the claustrophobic gloom of a clandestine fantasy world. Alice does more than follow a white rabbit down a hole; she makes an escape for the unknown, taking her innocence underground in a provocative journey into the depths of adolescence.

This ingenious modern reworking of a treasured story with a close Oxford association uses physical theatre and abstract, expressionistic techniques to make some sense of the nonsense.



Ella Ashdown
Sarah Clements
Esther Edlundh-Rose
Neil Fisher
Harry Forward
Ella Graham
Olivia Jewson
Ned Jollliffe
Katherine Leithead
John Metcalfe
Angus Montgomery
Collis Tooth
Eve Winterbottom
Fleur Yerbury-Hodgson


Directors Alice Evans, Samantha Knipe
Production Manager Daniel Whitley
Designer Tom Couling
Lighting Design David Long
Sound Design Richard Foster
Projections Vicky Jewson
Technical Director David Long
Lighting Operator Rachel Wilmshurst
Sound Operator Jasmine Allday
Stage Manager Leila Battison
Assistant Stage Manager Moya Hughes
Costumes Rosie Dennington
Hair and Make-up Charly Jones
Props Moe Scholl
Graphic Designer Jemma Kilkenny
Publicity David Guthrie, Joanna Matthews
Photography Felicity Peacock, George Morton
Monologues written by Richard Evans

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