Pinocchio – Audition


by Carlo Collidi

Dates: 4th – 9 th November 2019, 7.30pm (2.30pm matinée on Saturday 9th)

Venue: Old Fire Station

Director: Alice Evans

Assistant Director & Designer: Jacqui Lewis

Design Assistant: Ally Baker


We will have a workshop day prior to the summer break up phase and will then have a ten week rehearsal period which will involve 3 sessions a week. Devising around themes and creating various scenes off-text will require commitment from all the cast.

We will usually have two evening rehearsals on either Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays and then a Sunday afternoon, with an initial workshop for all cast on Sunday 21st July (5pm-8pm).

All cast will be needed for daytime get-in and rehearsals on Monday 4th November.


Pinocchio is a wooden puppet created in the mould of a boy by Gepetto. The story follows his adventures and misadventures as he learns how to live and love within a societal framework and parental discipline. His journey takes him through a myriad of experiences and physical forms with his ultimate goal being to become a real boy.

Parts available

There are a variety of colourful and wonderful characters to be portrayed as individuals and as part of a chorus. We will cast the character of Pinocchio and then create an ensemble of actors who will take on the various parts within the story. We are looking for a mixed age (16+ - not of compulsory school age at the time of the performance) and gender cast of around 9-12 performers who primarily want to be part of the performance and open to multi-role playing.

Skills required

We will be looking for performers who are confident using their physicality (whatever size, shape or level of dexterity) and creating strong, clear characters. We will be using puppets and masks so do please come along if these techniques appeal to you, even if you have never used them before! We hope to incorporate original music into the production and have a composer on board for this. We are interested in musicians (particularly who can play the violin, flute, oboe, percussion, an accordion, or sing) who would like to audition for an acting role, as well as non-acting.

Important Dates

First round auditions:

Tuesday 18 June, 7:30 pm, Summertown URC
Monday 24 June, 8:00pm, East Oxford Community Centre (upstairs hall)

Recalls (by invitation only): 

Sunday 30 June, 6:00 pm, Summertown URC

Map to the URC

About the Production

Pinocchio is a traditional fairy tale and is well-known to children and adults alike. We will be drawing out the original story as well as embellishing it with modern twists and highlighting key themes, which reoccur for example manipulation, disobedience and judgement.

The obvious morality of the text lends itself to an imaginative, albeit fairly didactic, style of storytelling, which generally children find engaging and meaningful. On deeper inspection however we start to see sustained social poverty, disturbing violence and dysfunctional relationships. Added to this intense backdrop, is also the investigation of the relationship between parent and child. We feel all of these elements make it an interesting story with universal and contemporary themes.

The episodic nature of the narrative and the fragmented appearance/disappearance of key characters provide a dreamlike/nightmarish quality to the piece. The fairy-tale creatures and animals act in very human ways and often have all the failings of damaged and dangerous individuals working to achieve their own ends.

We would set the story in a contemporary world but with the design and styling of the time it was written. We are hoping to cast an ensemble chorus who will represent the characters within the story and also reflect both the views of societal parents towards his actions and his inner conflict as he wrestles with difficult choices.

We are planning to use puppetry throughout the performance, although Pinocchio himself will be played by an actor. In our use of puppetry we are hoping to interrogate the actor/audience relationship by distancing Pinocchio’s humanity and preparing a more imaginative style of engagement. Theatrically a puppet can add an aesthetic appeal and engage our inner child, which can blend the darker and lighter elements of this genre.

Our style will be collaborative and ensemble-based, with a heavy focus on physical theatre and physical storytelling. We envisage a mixed age and gender cast of around 9-12 performers who primarily want to be part of the performance and open to multi-role playing.

An integrated soundscape is as important as all the other elements of the production and we would like to include musicians as part of the ensemble if possible. We would hope to incorporate a violin, flute, oboe, percussion and possibly an accordion, as well as singing voices. We see this as a wholly collaborative production and want the character, movement, all the visuals and a soundscape to evolve together as much as possible. We will create a skeletal script on which to base the performance, using Collodi's original 3rd person narration, structure and dialogue.  During rehearsals we will create devised sequences to progress the story, embellish the narrative for a modern audience and establish atmosphere within Pinocchio's world.

Audition process

Auditions will be held at the URC in Summertown opposite South Parade and the East Oxford Community Centre.

Please come in time to start at the advertised time and be prepared to stay for up to 2 hours. There is no need to prepare anything for the audition.The audition process will involve a physical theatre workshop and we will be asking you to work as part of a small group and individually. We will include delivering text and characterisation exercises as part of the session.

It would be helpful if you could bring a completed audition form, but forms will also be available on the day.

The recall audition is by invitation only.

If you have any specific needs with regards to access or any other issues, please do get in contact with Alice Evans at, who will help if she can.

All OTG auditions are run according to the OTG audition policy.