Love’s Labour’s Lost – Audition

Love's Labour's Lost

By William Shakespeare

Date & Time: 18-29 July 2017

Venue: Trinity College Gardens

Director: Simon Tavener

Shakespeare’s romantic comedy Love’s Labour’s Lost is a delightfully witty battle of the sexes set in the world of Academia – so what better than to transport the play to late 19th Century Oxford – where women were starting to make their mark in the world of higher education.

Featuring immediately recognisable Oxford characters – who will be styled in incredible costumes, it will be a production full of everything that is great about an Oxford Summer – croquet, punting, picnics and falling in love.

Join us for an unforgettable summer experience.

Oxford Theatre Guild is delighted to present open audition details for our latest summer show, set in the beautiful grounds of Trinity College


Rehearsals will start towards the end of March on Sunday afternoons, Monday and Tuesday evenings with Thursday evenings being added as we approach the performances.  Of course, not everyone will be called to every rehearsal and the schedule will be built to accommodate existing commitments from the cast.  We will also be incorporating specialist verse speaking coaching as part of the process.

Cast will also be expected to be involved in publicising the show as well as the set up and take down of the show.

Production weeks

Cast will be required on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th July, and Monday 17th July in the for setup and rehearsals on site - times TBC. Performances will be Tuesday 18th - Saturday 29th July evenings with a matinee performance on Saturday 22nd July and no performance on Sunday.


The King of Navarre, and his three friends, Berowne, Longaville and Dumaine, all swear themselves to three years of study, abstaining from all distractions, particularly of the female kind, with only Armado, and Costard to entertain them. They are confounded, on signing the vow, when Berowne remembers that the Princess of France and her three ladies, Rosaline, Maria, and Katharine, attended by Boyet, are on an embassy to Navarre’s court.

Armado, has decided to arrest Costard for being in the company of a woman—the woman being Jaquenetta, who Armado himself is in love with. The ladies arrive, and the King and his lords fall in love with them. Armado frees Costard on condition he delivers a note to Jaquenetta; Berowne charges Costard with a letter to Rosaline; and the two letters get mixed up.

The four lords enter one by one and despair about their love for their particular woman, and one by one are overheard by the others. They decide to tear the oath up, and woo the ladies. They disguise themselves, but Boyet tells the ladies beforehand, and the ladies change identities with each other. The lords enter, and woo the wrong women. They leave, and on their return are mocked by the ladies.

Armado then approaches Holofernes the Tutor and Nathaniel the Chaplain to join with him, Costard, and the page, Moth, to present an entertainment to the nobles. This provides them with many opportunities for comment and laughter. The mood changes when Marcade brings news that the Princess’s father has died. As the ladies prepare to leave, the lords affirm that all their expressions of love were genuine, but the Princess claims that everything was in jest. The ladies tell the lords that, if they are serious, they must carry out certain tasks for a year, and then return to offer marriage. The lords agree. Armado then presents a song, by way of conclusion.

First round auditions:

Wednesday 1 February 8pm – 10pm

Sunday 5 February 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Monday 6 February 7.30pm – 9.30pm

Auditions take place at the URC in Summertown

Recalls (by invitation only):

Monday 13 February 7.30pm - 10pm

Map to the URC

Roles available

King Ferdinand of Navarre Student 20 - 35
Berowne Student 20 - 35
Dumaine Student 20 - 35
Longaville Student 20 - 35
Don Armado di Adriano Extravagant visiting Spanish Professor 40 - 65
Costard Cheeky College Sub-Gardener 18 - 30
Dull Head Porter 50 - 70
Holofernes Crumbly Classics Don 60+
Nathaniel Port-loving College Chaplain 50+
Marcade/Forester/First Lord Loyal Servants 18 - 60
Princess of France Student 20 - 35
Rosaline Student 20 - 35
Katherine Student 20 - 35
Maria Student 20 - 35
Boyet Eccentric Lesbian academic – dresses as a man 40 - 60
Moth ‘Bob’ (think Blackadder) – the loyal sidekick with a secret 18 - 30
Jaquenetta College Laudrymaid 18 - 35

The playing ages are suggestions not prescriptions – so please only treat them as indications. In terms of physicality, Moth should ideally be somewhat shorter than Don Armado – but we could play that the opposite way round!

For fuller character descriptions (based on the original setting – rather than the revisions we will be making) please visit this link

Audition Process

OTG auditions are open to anyone; you do not need to be a member to audition (though we ask that successful auditionees join for a modest subscription).

There will be 3 first round auditions and then recalls by invitation only.

In the first rounds, we will be working on speeches and scenes by Shakespeare scripts other than Love’s Labour’s Lost. You will not be required to look at anything in advance – the texts will be available in the room. Our aim is to assess your potential rather than to immediately consider you for specific characters.

The sessions will run for 2 hours and you will be given the opportunity to work on a range of scenes with a range of different actors. It will be a relaxed and informal process – so please try not to get too anxious. Easier said than done, of course!

If invited to the recalls, you will be sent a small number of scenes from Love’s Labour’s Lost to look at. You won’t be required to learn them – just become familiar with them. This is the point that we will be looking at specific characters and combinations.

We will be aiming to timetable this to enable us to see as many combinations as we can – and, of course, give you as much time as possible to shine.

It would be helpful if you could bring a completed audition form, but forms will also be available on the day.

The audition policy applies to all OTG auditions.

Accessibility concerns

If you have any specific needs with regards to access or any other issues, please do get in contact with us ( and we will help if we can.

What if I can’t make those dates and times?

If you are interested in auditioning, but are unable to come to any of the given dates, please contact us ( and we will try to see you at another time, if possible.